Bike for Sale:   

Chopper Project:   

Offered by NK MOOSE of the Boston Chapter

This was to be my "late in life crazy phase" but things don't always turn out the way you plan.

Since I'm not going to build this chopper, I'm offering it for sale.


The frame is a Harley ready hard tail chopper

with tanks, tins, and complete front end

    with Authentic Carlini drag bars, grips,       controls, mirrors, headlight and directionals

80 spoke wheels (instead of the standard 40)

230 Rear tire (rubber all new) and axles

I have not yet calculated a fair price, but I will consider any reasonable offer and reserve the right to reject any offer.

Location:  15 minutes north of Boston MA


This is offered to NamKnights MC Members only, for a limited time, after which it will go for sale to the general public.